YCCA14 - Ungegruppen

To get more young HIV-infected to visit Ungegruppen, we need to tell them, that HIV is not the end of everything. Today HIV-infected persons get told about Ungegruppen, by their doctor or when they are at the hospital. But the problem is, that they are not susceptible to these informations at this point. Therefore we need to talk to them, in an open and friendly way, when they are in a safe environment and want to search for answers to the questions they might have.

This project was made together with Kasper Andersen & won the Young Creative Circle Award digital diploma 2014



Young Creative Circle Award


Kasper Andersen

By using Google Adwords we can lead the target group to a simple website, where they can find some answers and stories from other young adults with HIV. So when they are ready and google for information and answers, they will go to the website.

If they don’t find answers to their questions, they will then be able to contact the persons from the website, and ask questions directly to them. This way we can create a simple relation between the target group and Ungegruppen, early in the process. This will make it easier for the young person, to contact Ungegruppen when they are ready.